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Originally Posted by JuniorModder View Post
Says the dude with Nahdar as his avatar.

I like the Clone Wars! Lots of action, and Anakin shows his corruption more in season 2 (Unless Ashley Eckstien is wrong). Ahsoka has pretty much dropped the nicknames now.

Anyways, I am very excited to buy this game. The demo was a lot of fun IMO.

It might be true that it is a well done series, the problem most have with it is that first, it seems to cater, possibly, way to much to children, meaning that its plots are almost no different to many other childrens shows, aside from the SW characters and such. Then there is the fact that because LucasArts and other related companies devote their care more to things such as The Clone Wars, it means that other projects, that actually have some originality(at least in the sense that they don't have much to do with the movies), and might I say, put of some of the needed darkness or sense of real danger into the SW universe(*cough The Sith Lords cough*), might just get either shelved, never released, scrapped entirely, or released in a pitiful form.

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