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"I am Shana Terranova, I'm Captain Terranova's sister."

"Pleased to met you, Shana."

"He must really like you sweetheart."

Ming couldn't help but give another rare grin as he saw Shana turn beet red. I suppose the romance going on here could give some entertainment, he thought amusingly. Ming then went into the transport, where both Kai and Wolf were talking to each other. He didn't hear too much of what they were saying, as he had come in on the tail end of the conversation, but he did hear what Shana had said to everyone.

"The young man Kai, he fought them on his own. If you want you may ask him about them and maybe what to watch out for"

"Alright, Kai," Ming started. "Tell us how powerful these guys are, how'd the fight go, and what should we be prepared for. Also, do we even stand a chance against these guys? You took them on single-handedly, and by the sound of it, you weren't successful."

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