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The Sith Lords: Full Force Mod pack 1

This project started in July as an overly ambitious Force Power mod. The goal: to add as many force powers as possible to Kotor II.

But after 3 long months of talking about working on the project, (with 3 weeks total of actual work), we ended up with 15 solidly scripted powers.

I got enough help from Team Hssiss, so with Canderis' okay, I donated my efforts to the Team Hssiss name.

Download at Filefront: Clicky Me

Screenshots are below:

Show spoiler

Show spoiler

The Arrow of White Dawn
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Show spoiler

Force Quake
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Force Destruction
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And of course the download.... well there's no download yet. I have bad luck with uploading infected archives, so I'm waiting for Canderis to do it for me.

It will likely be linked to Filefront at least.

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