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"Alright, Kai, Tell us how powerful these guys are, how'd the fight go, and what should we be prepared for. Also, do we even stand a chance against these guys? You took them on single-handedly, and by the sound of it, you weren't successful."

Kai's hand went up to his head as he remembered the beating he took from the two people.

"They are very powerful, my strongest attack barely scratched the woman and the man bled a little but that was about it."

Kai scratched his head as the memories of the battle came rushing back. He winced as he remembered what had happend.

"I believe a group of people would be better suited to fighting them. The woman recieved an upgrade in power and could most likely beat any of us with a few attacks. The man however...I think we could take him, if we get him before he upgrades."
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