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"I suppose. But in a way, I cant really blame him - I was responcible for his cousin's disapearance. She wanted me to ship her off Eridanus V, so she can escape the arrogance of her father."

"Why does that sound like a story that requires copious amounts of alcohol to properly tell?" Evans asked, chuckling a little.

"But if he tries another move like that again, to anyone else especially, I'll make sure he wont get a chance to feel remorse for his actions."

"That may be a bit extreme," Evans cautioned. "But I can't see any issues there, I hate these damn nobles, didn't have them on Earth, sure as hell don't need them now."

"Sorry, we havent been formally introduced. Deck Reynolds, Freelance Mercenary.

"Mark Evans, former Child Soldier turned Special Services," Evans grasped the younger man's hand and gave it a firm shake.

"Are you alright with that nobleman out there? I could hear you guys arguing from out there. What's up with this Mia girl anyways?"

Evans looked at the new arrival, already comparing him to the file he'd gotten to skim over in General Resnik's office and trying to decide if his superiors had been lying for promotion's sake, it didn't appear that they had.

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