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"They are very powerful, my strongest attack barely scratched the woman and the man bled a little but that was about it."

"Wow and you still walked off...that's so cool, minus the pain of course."

Hank started to actually think for once about how to tackle these two people.

"I believe a group of people would be better suited to fighting them. The woman recieved an upgrade in power and could most likely beat any of us with a few attacks. The man however...I think we could take him, if we get him before he upgrades."

He started pacing back and forth until an idea suddenly hit him.

"Wait...I think I got something. What if we don't need to take him, what if the chick does it for us. Alright it sounds crazy but it just might work. What if we can get Ms Upgrade mad as hell. Kai they must have made you mad to take them both on or your just that awesome, either way the madder you get the more you lose your concentration. If we can get her mad enough I can use my most powerful attack which lets me manipulate time for a short while. We get her to use one of her powerful attacks and I'll stop time. I place the other one in front of the beam and move us out of the way. Time's back to normal and our new friend get's hit by the attack where Kai or someone else can finish him off. I'm saying Kai seeing that he'll want revenge."

Hank allowed himself to breath and leaned against the wall.

"Like I said its a crazy idea."
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