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Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
I wouldn't pretend to know. The book of Job is probably the closest thing to an explanation for the Satanic challenge of senseless evil as fallen man will ever get, and even there God states that we would not understand the answer.
Obviously, we (this includes you) do pretend to know a great many things when it comes to morality. Yet our standards of "moral" and "immoral" differ from "his". The book of job itself makes this obvious.

Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
He would be hypocrite if He didn't.
Afraid you not only missed the point, but managed to contradict the first part of your post.

If god is all-powerful, then why is he beholden to rules unless they are rules that he himself made. Why would he create rules that limit his options? And why would our rules (rules that most people would consider to be more moral than those demonstrated by god) be "better" than his?

The "we can't know god" defense is either absolute or it is not. It seems more than a little dishonest to use it when it's convenient but ignore it when we think we're justified. It's called "trying to have it both ways".

Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
His, of course.
Okay. So he's responsible for hell? You are putting forth that they are necessary via his rules and he cannot change them (even though he is allegedly "all-powerful"). So remind me again how this does not contradict the idea of an all-loving god.

Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
There is no logical argument for our existence either, but, then, here we are.
Of course there is

Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
No more so than starting dozens of threads over the years obsessively hammering away at the same point; a point which you cannot conclusively prove (namely that God doesn't exist).
I don't need to. Surely, you've been here long enough to see at least one or two posts re: the burden of proof.

You also seem to be way off on your assumptions regarding my motivations. Since you have been around for a while and are so clearly obsessed with what I post, you also know that I've never once stated that I believe that god can be disproved (so your comment above is either dishonest or simply dead wrong).

I'm not here to disprove something I believe can be disproved. I'm here to educate, inform, and hopefully, every once in a while, persuade. Same thing your good buddy does with his israel/palestine threads, etc, etc, etc.

In fact, I would argue that it's what most people who actually contribute to the serious discussion thread attempt to do. The fact that you single me out is just another amusing reminder that if I do in fact have OCD, I'm suffering in good company
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