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"Why does that sound like a story that requires copious amounts of alcohol to properly tell?

"I couldnt agree more..." Deck shared a chuckle. "I'll be glad to share the WHOLE story over a campfire."

"Mark Evans, former Child Soldier turned Special Services,"

"Child Soldier?" Deck echoed. "I didnt even know they had division for younger people back then. Times sure have changed since humanity abandoned Earth."

"Are you alright with that nobleman out there? I could hear you guys arguing from out there. What's up with this Mia girl anyways?"

Deck glanced as Sullivan entered the cockpit. He shrugged. Hopefully this'll be the last time I'll have to explain it to anybody else...

"Well, he basically threatened to kill me because I was involved with his cousin's disapearance, Mia. She was part of a family of nobleman, Jack's Family. She basically got sick of her family pride and arrogance, especially from her father, and decided to move out - so to speak. I shipped her off to Asgard, where she's currently living with a close friend of hers. Though between you and I, I think its something more than a "close friendship"." he winked.

He looked out of the cockpit window, where it overlooked the vastness of space. Clouds of the nebula gave quite an intimate view, and the near-by moons complimented as much.
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