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"Shadow Dwellers, destroy that man!

"Oh crap..." Cade grunted, rolling his eyes. As the first one charged at him, Cade lept up through the air. Within slow motion, he took careful deadly aim at the man with the Lightsaber and fired multiple rounds from his Blaster, even towards the other foes.

As expected, they deflected the shots. Cade continued this process - leaping from building wall to wall, taking careful aim at each of the swordsman. These guys were good.
Eventually, he heard the clicking noise of his Pistol depleated of ammunition. He landed in between the circle of the men.

"You guys are pretty sharp..." he complimented. He brushed off the edge of his coat to unclip the Lightsaber he hadn't used for quite a while. But he hid it, getting ready for the right moment.

Soon, one of two of the foes charged at him. As the man lunged, Cade managed to grab his arm. Activating his lightsaber, he used his other arm to stab it through the man's chest.

"Sharp, yet predictable..." he thought. The others attacked him head on, but Cade jumped out of the circle directly behind one of them. He slashed the blade across the man's spinal cord. He fell to the ground instantly. Two left... he thought.
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