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Sethos took a deep breath, then lifted his right hand up. Lightning came from his fingertips, aimed at the woman known as Lyna Honso. The lightning was any seen before, and the thunderstorm occurring above their heads seemed to have amplified its power. The result was a very quick surge of blue lightning that rushed straight at its target, its power strengthened by both The Force and the lightning storm conjured by Sethos.

"Oh my dear Lyna Honso", he uttered, a hint of mocking in his voice. "How I long to go back to the day where my lightning fried your parents. How I long to hear their screams again!" Another diabolical laugh escaped from Sethos's mouth. The laugh, as it did before, only made the brewing storm stronger. The pouring rain deactivated all his Shadow Dwellers' lightsabers, for they bore only a regular lightsaber. The raindrops fell into Sethos's lightsaber without any effect at all. He looked down below, seeing that three of his elite were now fallen by two pathetic fools. The other one was battling another fool in a lightsaber duel.

"Don't wait too long young one. You're next." Sethos jumped at Lyna Honso, his lightsaber in hand.

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