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I have to wonder which laws you're referring to. The laws that allow abortions for the sake of social convenience? The "law of the jungle" that most parts of the world adhere to? The laws that constrain your speech on the spurious notion that someone might just be offended by it? How about the laws the allow the state to decide, godlike, that you have to die for offenses against "humanity"? Yeah, we're so much better than the God you clearly revile. Which goes to the next point. Whether God/god exists, you're clearly more than a disinterested party that seeks only to educate, in your words, people about the question. You don't bother to argue, it seems, the proof of God's existence because you've already stated He/he is fiction. Also, b/c as you realize, you are incapable. But your inability to disprove such existence doesn't axiomatically settle the issue. Perhaps God exists, perhaps not. It's clearly irrational, though, to contend that He is fiction when you're incapable of demonstrating that conclusion. You clearly enjoy trying to have it both ways yourself, hiding behind a procedural tactic to absolve yourself of having to have conclusive proof of the irrefutability of your stance. Nice.

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