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Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
You seem to forget that you've subjected me to your "methods of persuasion" before. They revealed to myself and anyone who was paying attention that your motivations are not even remotely as wholesome as you'd like everyone to believe. Your continued attempts to paint them as such are laughable.
Your decision to hold me accountable for what you say is as perplexing as it has always been, however it is far from my problem. Needless to say, you aren't the only one who is amused.

Yes, part of my "methods of persuasion" is to point out when people say things that are logically inconsistent and/or directly contradict other things that they have said. You make this sound like a bad thing. Some people are able to see when they are wrong, re-examine their viewpoints in light of new information, and occasionally, change their minds accordingly. Others are not. Which category you opt to place yourself in is no doing of mine. And the fact that your britches are twisted because you got caught saying something less-than-well-thought-out is also not my problem.

So did you have something to contribute to the topic or no?
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