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"Oh my dear Lyna Honso", he uttered, a hint of mocking in his voice. "How I long to go back to the day where my lightning fried your parents. How I long to hear their screams again!"

Lyna blocked Sethos' lightning with her lightsaber as best as she could. The Sith was too much, but she couldn't back down. She glared at him as he talked of how he killed her parents. How he thought it was amusing to him...

The young woman back flipped away from him, and landed on the building's roof ground a few feet away from him. "This guy is too powerful. He's the most foulest Sith I've ever encountered since Krayt! How can I stop him?" she thought to herself.

"Don't wait too long young one. You're next."

Lyna glared, and parried Sethos' lightsaber blow with all her strentgh. If he thought about hurting Cade, he had another thing coming! Meeting her lightsaber with his, she yelled, "Who are you?! What are you?!" He was unlike any other Sith she'd seen. The Dark Side fueled inside him strongly, but Lyna knew that she couldn't give up.

Meanwhile, Cyan came out of the cantina, and watched the battle with a worried look. She couldn't just sit there and let her friends be harmed. Not now, not ever.
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