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Originally Posted by enz° View Post
I've translated all fonts to russian language (for ENPYStudio)

I used:
1) Adobe Photoshop (CS4) - creating temporary png with all chars (large space between chars)
2) my tool written on Delphi (2010) - recognize (cut) all chars images from temp.png, make compact (no spaces between chars) png with chars by my order (ex: ...Z[\]^`enzo_amdbcf... ), make *.font for this png.

Nice work, Enz°, however, I'd like to make some comments on your russian characters of the font:

It looks very nice, but you shouldn't try to create an "И" out of an "N" - these are totally different letters and you won't get one out of another just by mirroring. In "N", you have two narrow vertical lines and one bold diagonal, going in the direction Northwest-Southeast (\), as well as incomplete serifs on it. In an "И", you have two bold vertical lines and a narrow diagonal Southwest-Northeast line (/), and complete serifs.
You should try to take an "H", erase the middle bar and draw a new, narrow, diagonal line.

Sorry I don't use any real professional typographist lingo, in fact, I don't know it, though I used to be a font designer myself. And, если что, я по-русски говорю.

About the rest - quite beautiful, and will probably do what it should.
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