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Originally Posted by plokoon87 View Post
Hello, everyone.
I am currently modifying the game Empire at War (not FOC), and I need to know some things about the XML files. The alterations that I am doing are scale based, that is, I am making the units look as realistically sized as possible. So far I have just been working on the Land based units. I have scaled all infantry to a scale factor of 0.2 - this makes them look much more realistically sized when they are standing next to the buildings on their bases. Now I just need to know several things:

1: The turrets - I have scaled the turrets down to where they look reasonbly nice...the only problem is that they don't take out the enemy in a sweeping motion like they used to. I adjusted the Ranged Target Z Adjust to make sure they hit, and they do, they just dont take out as many troops in one burst of fire as they used to. Also in regard to the turrets, how do I scale the build pads down to the same size, and how do I scale down the animation of the turret being constucted - cuz when it is contructing it is the default size but as soon as the scaffoling falls away, it immediately scales to my specs. How do I get it to build at my scale al the way thru? What values in what XML's?

2. How do I edit particle effects? I have scaled the blaster lasers down to a nice size, but when they impact the dirt, what used to be a poof of dust about a foot high is now a poof of dust about 7 feet high (in relation to the infantry). How do I scale this down? What value in what XML?

3. Finally, how do I edit engine glows on fighter craft in space? I am also planning on scalling them way down - farther than anyone previously. Yet when the Tie bombers and x and y wings get scaled down, it looks like a bunch of pink and blue dots zippin around from a distance (from the engine glow). Up close you can see the fighters just fine but the engine glows are WAAY too big. What value in what XML fixes this?

Thank you for any help you can give. If I can make this mod work well enough for release I may just do so. I am also editing the XML's so that the bodies never dissappear from the battlefield, adding further realism to this great game. Any help is much appreciated.
Maybe this isn't a great suggestion, but how about scaling the buildings up? I'm not sure if they are already as large as possible or if there will be texture issues, but this would avoid the problems that you mentioned above and solve the issue that you probably noticed about the infantry either moving far too fast for their scale, or if you changed their speed to compensate will keep you from waiting forever for them to get anywhere.

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