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Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
I like the new Windows Media Center a lot (I've got TV goin through it and it's a great DVR)
If you dont like the default blue theme - there are some cool themes available at The black one is particularly awesome

Windows 7 Media Center (7MC for us HTPC freaks) is definitely a step forward. You lucky US peeps now can now get netflix(make sure you install the interface update via windows update) and cablecard integration. Make sure you check out the article I previously linkied to for cool plugins, or for great summaries and links.

The only thing missing atm is a remote scheduling app. The Live Mesh team are working on one, as is super Oz coder Niall Ginsbourg who makes the ground breaking and highly polished Big Screen Apps.

Whilst 7MC has foundation mpeg4(avis etc) built in - if you need extra codec support - make sure you check out win7 codec pack, and the x64 components add on is a must if you're on x64. see for more info.

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