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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
It's so much more complex than a simple yes/no answer.

They've just started to roll out the vaccination program for Swine Flu here in the UK, and 'high-risk' people are being asked whether they want the vaccine or not. My sister, who is currently expecting her first child, is expecting a call sometime next week about it.

So far, she's flatly refused to even consider have the vaccine. Mainly because she doesn't feel it's been tested as thoroughly as it should be. I can understand her concerns, but I think that it might be wise to at least consider the vaccine, even if it's after a little more testing.

I personally wouldn't have a problem with having any vaccines (having overcome my chronic fear of injections and needles over the past few years) - I've been immunised as a child for all sorts of things, even at a time when there were massive scares in the UK regarding the MMR jab.

The problem is that even if research proves there's no connection between autism and a vaccine, many parents are inevitably, and perhaps understandably, make that connection, and blame the jab.

Anyways, i'm personally of the opinion that they are ultimately beneficial, and can go a long way in saving lives, but I do feel that it's ultimately the individuals (or parents) decision as to whether or not they get vaccines or not.
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