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Originally Posted by lockhead View Post
Yeah, I was thinking what they do. Even if it is considered freedom of speech that is exactly what I'm talking about in terms of context. You look at the justified outrage they generate. Home Depot would certainly want to avoid similar controversy, so they would not want something like a god or anti god button that might become an issue. Even something such as a Rememberence Day or Amnesty pin might be pushing it...sad but true. A place such as Home Depot would want none of the criticism that what their employees might wear could generate.
On the main issue I think we can agree. Home depot is protecting themselves with disallowing pins. Even something as simple as a "Union" pin could have a negative impact on sales. Heck even a "No smoking" pin could cause problems. It is a private business with recognizable attire and dress code. The business owners have the right to dictate what they allow on their uniform, as the person wearing that uniform is a representative of their business.

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