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Warning: rampant speculation


Revan and Exile both seem to have died redshirt deaths out in the Unknown Reigons. However, Revan appears to have knocked up Bastila before taking off, saddling her with the result and not so much as sending her child support (a hotheaded Jedi named "Shan" plays into the MMO scenario).

And this would be me rolling my eyes a LOT. :roll:

(That trope hits a very personal squick button for me, as the father of my godchild/"niece" was killed by a drunk driver two months before she was born. My spirit-sis has never really recovered from the loss, and being the "someone to remember him by" has been pretty hard on my godchild.)

Now, abandon all hope for ye has entered fanfic territory.

I run with a LSF!Revan/DSM!Exile scenario, and am an admitted heretic when it comes to the GFFA, so expect this to veer into some pretty strange territory.

Bastila: Ends up dead on the Star Forge. Why? Because K2's Crap Sack World sets up the Republic victory as a Pyrrhic one at best. Yes, the Republic took out the Sith's secret weapon, but it lost its own. Furthermore, the Jedi lose a champion and poster child that could help rebuild its rep (brief fall notwithstanding). This leads to...

Revan (or, in this scenario, Kairi-Revan Shan): Pretty much seconds after Vandar's little speech (which wasn't broadcast to the world at large, but just to the Haw's crew and Jedi present), she hands Vandar and Zhar her robes and lightsaber, pretty much telling them, "Screw you, I never chose the Jedi. I chose my family." An attempt to live a quiet retirement on Citadel, aiding the Restoration effort with the Ithorians and engaged to Carth isn’t working out so well. There’s something out there, something she unleashed as Revan that needs to be stopped.

And, leave it to Atris, who leaks the news of Revan’s continued survival to the greater galaxy (because she believed the Jedi Order was wrong to let her go, wanted her punished, and thought she would taint the order unless forced out). Queue a bunch of senators who are on that like white on rice, especially the faction that never much liked those mysterious saber-swingers in the first place, howling for the Order’s head on plates. The Jedi Order itself is declared persona non grata, and the Republic will not aid them. This attitude is why it was so easy for the Triumvate to hunt them down, why they were on the run, and why the general population in K2 collectively responds to Exile’s saber with the GFFA equivalent to a middle finger.

En route to the tragic conclave on Katarr, Zhar stops by and hands her the lightsaber and robes. He understands she doesn’t want to be a Jedi and never really did, but that she is still one despite herself. Between this and the Republic government howling for her head, Revan vanishes, taking the Hawk and the droids, and not telling anyone she loved, lest they be put in danger by the ongoing witch hunt. Of course, being alone and having told no one where she was going, this leads her right into a trap set by the Triumvate.

The K1 crew:

Mission and Zaalbar – Because Freyyr is smart enough to know the Wookiees would be in danger unless they joined the greater galaxy, he sends out his son and adopted “daughter” (Wookiees having the concept of honor family, Mission would certainly count) out to negotiate Kashyyyk’s entry into the Republic.

Jolee – As much as I hate to admit it, I think the old man met up with Nihilus and lost. No real evidence of this, aside from everyone speaking of him in past tense.

Juhani – nothing in canon on her, but I have this feeling the K1 crew put aside their differences in order to become a very well-oiled machine, and that the survivors are keeping their ears open and protecting one another. I actually place her on Dxun, where Canderous is passing her off as a soothsayer – telling her to duck and cover when Exile showed up. One, Dxun is a great place to hide a Jedi. Two, a Mandalorian camp is the absolute last place you’d ever look for a Cathar Jedi. Three, I got the feeling that Juhani’s “knight’s test” only started at the grove. The real test would be to put up with a living manifestation of all her prejudices and then conquering said prejudices to see the man behind them.

Canderous: Yes, he’s at his camp. Yes, he the last of the K1 crew to see Revan alive. He’s rebuilding his people, and hasn’t any love for the Sith. In his predecessor’s Crusade, and in Exar Kun’s War, the Mando’a were used as pawns and redshirts for the Sith. Canderous really despises being double-crossed, and prefers to be the one doing the double-crossing (see what he did to Davik!) Tied in with my theory on K1’s crew becoming a rather close bunch, I figure he is in clandestine contact with Carth. After all, Canderous bears no real ill will to the Republic. They beat his people fair and square. He knows, though, that the Republic doesn’t share the opinion. So, he’ll stay out of sight, building his clan and looking for both leads on Revan and a chance to kick the Sith in the shebs. Kreia shows up, dangles the two things he wants over his head, and shanghais him into teaming up with Exile’s sorry bunch.

Carth: Promoted to admiral despite the Star Forge and not because of it. He’s the only one of the K1 crew with anything resembling a decent reputation. Even then, there are plenty of people calling him a Sith’s joy-toy when they think he’s out of earshot (and sometimes not even bothering with the “out of earshot”). The admiral’s bars also work nicely in keeping him chained to a desk and effectively silenced. He hasn’t the autonomy Canderous does. That’s why he ends up sending Mical to walk where he can’t.

Now, the other reason I think he was in league with Canderous the entire time; the whole Ravager sequence seemed a little too well executed for something not to be behind the scenes. I mean, Canderous and his crew on board, sending the Sith a message with the usual Mandalorian diplomatic channels (explosives – lots of ‘em). And then the Sojurn, with Carth in command, just happens to show up and distract Nihilus so that the Mandalorian sabotage goes smooth? That ain’t coincidence, and considering the gents have a history and the same motives in tracking the Ebon Hawk? Even less chance of coincidence.

The K2 crew:

I play with a DSM Exile. Male, because Obsidian’s own trailer and promo art were pretty explicit on that front, the Handmaiden was well developed in-game while Mical is a half-assed, last minute addition (who makes good only in fanfic). I play DS because K2 presents such a deconstructed, crapsack of a world where a heroic Exile is a rube, a masochist, or both that “screw it,” seems the most valid option. And of his crew…

Corrupted: Atton, Handmaiden, Hanharr, HK-47, Go-To
Escaped: Bao-Dur (though it was a narrow thing), T3-M4, Canderous, Mical Killed: Visas, Kreia

Mical: Yes, he comes along on a male Exile’s quest in this scenario - screw game mechanics. However, he acts more as a Light-Side male Exile in many regards. While everyone’s hyping the jerk who came back to Republic space as “OMG! Last Jedi!” the one who actually lives the Code and the ideals they represent is the kid the Order tossed out like trash a decade ago.

Another thing I run in the scenario. He has a history with Carth. We know Carth wouldn’t trust just anyone with something like this. Going theory is that Mical was being exiled to Telos, and his ship got there just as Saul’s was leaving.

Kreia: Everyone hypes Revan as the grand manipulator? Well, even the grand manipulator was being manipulated. As archivist, she would have been in a prime position to steal anything on the Infinite Empire and pass it along to Revan. Her plan to wreck the Force needed the balance tipped to far in one direction and then echoes created – echoes Revan created in the course of the Mandalorian and Jedi Civil War. Mical almost puts it all together before Kreia mind-rapes him to prevent him from seeing it all. She’s also the only one who seems to know anything about the “True Sith,” then turns around and says that the “Sith” is only a belief, and belief is something you can’t kill. Considering the whammy she pulled on Canderous, it’s not that much of a stretch to wonder if she was “the Sith” who goaded Mandalore the Ultimate into his crusade, prompting Revan, prompting the creation of echoes, and the wounds that followed them.

She dies at Exile’s hands, but here’s the catch…a True Sith never dies. So long as there is the Force, she’s going to be caught in it, even if only as a specter like Ajunta Pal.

K3 Scenario:
In the aftermath of K2, Carth and Canderous tire of waiting. They’ve done their job. The Republic and the Mandalorians are as good as they’re going to get. Meanwhile, Canderous has escaped with the Hawk, and with something else – Kairi-Revan’s holocron.

So, they gather who’s left of the K1 crew, and take a few of the K2 crew Exile didn’t manage to drag into hell (Mical was needed to read the thing, as neither gent really can). Between the holocron and what they get out of the Hawk and T3, they’re able to put together enough to get to wherever she’s been imprisoned. To the people they encounter along the way, the sight of a Republic hero, a Mandalorian who seems to be something other than a bloodthirsty thug, and Mical (who is a Jedi in all but name) working together and cleaning up trouble become a symbol of unification. They didn’t get into this to be Big Damn Heroes, but they manage it.

They take down Exile, banish Kreia to Chaos, and rescue Revan. But the galaxy isn’t in need of her any longer. The mantle of champion’s been passed. Mical accepts the title of Jedi, and goes back home to rebuild the Order. Canderous goes back to his people, and the Mandalorians now have the rep of fierce, but honorable, warriors. Carth and Kairi retire to Telos, live quietly, and have several kids…one of which adopts her mother’s maiden name of “Shan.”

Meanwhile, Mical told a “Jedi Truth” in regards to Revan’s fate. Technically, it wasn’t Revan coming back from the Unknown Regions, it was Kairi. Couple this with an artifact or two that hint broadly at Revan’s demise (lightsaber, robes, or other personal artifacts), and the whole thing is easily accepted as the galaxy moves on.

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