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Best post ever.

I would like to be there when Luke reveals his plan to the others.

Luke: "So that's it. Lando, you infiltrate. Leia, you try first. I'll send a message with the droids. This, if nothing else works, I'll come myself."

Leia: "What if he catches me and orders an instant execution?"

Luke: "I... uh... he won't?"

Lando: "More importantly, what about me if Leia succeeds? You know, Jabba's probably not fond of folks just leaving his organization. He probably won't like it if I just put in a 2 weeks notice."

Threepio: "How are Artoo and I going to leave after we deliver the message? What's to stop him from melting us down?"

Luke: "Look, I've got it all figured out..."

Leia: "I like how you're sending everyone else in first... really brave, there, Jedi."

Lando: "You know, the droid's got a point. They're not makin' it back out anyway."

Threepio: "What?"

Lando: "I mean, really. Why not just let Artoo shoot Jabba with a poison dart or something?"

Luke: "No, that's not the plan..."

Leia: "You know, you and Han personally saved the Rebel Alliance. I'm sure they'd pay Jabba off, if you just asked."

Luke: "No! You have your missions. I've got it all worked out, okay!"

Lando: "Boba Fett's probably at Jabba's palace, you know. He was kinda' there on Bespin when I betrayed Vader and tried to shoot down his ship."

Threepio: "Master, perhaps if you just asked the rebels to--"

Luke: "No! I'm not asking them, alright! I'm the Jedi, not you! Lando, Fett won't notice it's you! Leia, Jabba might catch you, but he'll only want to strip you naked and make you sit by his side!"

Leia: "Oh. Well, that's so much better..."

Luke: "And Threepio, you and Artoo just deliver the damn message. Gosh!"

Leia: "Didn't you say that you pretty much bailed on Yoda? Isn't that kind of like being a Jedi School Drop-out?"


Leia: "Isn't there some Jedi rule about pride getting in the way of wisdom or something deep like that?"

Lando: "Wait. Did you say Leia might end up naked?"

Leia: *groans*

Lando: "I'm changing my vote. I think we should give the kid's plan a chance."
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