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Here's an update about the MS freeware antivirus app > Microsoft Secuirity Essentials.

Independent AV tester gurus, AV Comparatives had performed their first Malware Removal Tests with MSE as one of the applications used.

The test used 10 randomly sampled malware items and pits the various apps against each other. The methodology is more thoroughly outlined in AVC's report

longstoryshort: MSE was awarded an advanced+ rating in this category. Not bad - but please keep in mind that the more complete set of tests > On demand and Proactive/Restrospective Tests have not been updated to include MSE in its current form.

For those that want to try other freeware AV options, AVG9 Free edition has also been released, but has been downscaled a bit - in particular the rootkit based protection, which is incorporated into the payware editions.


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