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Tried it and it doesn't work.

Few problems were:
Jango is invisible.
Falcon missing textures.
Train missing textures.

That's as far as a I got. I didn't want to play anymore.

I went through your pk3 to see if something was just packed wrong, and man it is a mess in there.
In your rrt20 folder there is a pk3 for 'sp_jangofett' and 'rrt20' pk3.
Openning the rrt20.pk3 reveals another 'sp_jangofett.pk3'. Then there is a folder labeled 'The Fetts' and guess what is in there? 'sp_jangofett.pk3' and 'sp_bobafett.pk3', and in all those fett pk3's there is not a single texture for the kyle skin to reference. Oh yeah, there is also a folder titled 'base', and guess what is in there: yep another 'sp_jangofett.pk3.'

So I reccommend you go through and clean up your pk3, and then test it in a clean base folder. One that doesn't have any mods, no matter how small or insignifficant, and see if it works then.
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