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Bastila Questions


Im currently in the process of running through KOTOR once more, and I've come across something different. This time around when confronting Bastila on the Rakatan temple, I no longer see certain conversation options even though I completed the Revan/Bastila romance.

The part when you prompt Bastila to say "I need not deny my passions any longer, I would stand my your side gladly as your lover and apprentice..." is non existant in this run-through, neither is the entire discussion about their infatuation.

Furthermore when I proceed to the Star Forge and confront Bastila, the dialogue seems different, more hostile. Then when I choose to lower my gaurd and declare Revan's love for her, she doesn't say the part "You play a dangerous game, but you're also correct I cannot bring myself to kill you." Instead she attacks me and I have to kill her. As far as I can tell I didn't act poorly to her, though I may have accidently made a nasty comment on the Leviathen during Karath's interrogation. Is the love quest between Revan and Bastila really so touchy that one comment can ruin the whole thing?
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