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I'd enjoy it if they announced more about space, I'd actually enjoy it if it took about 5 minutes to hyperspace travel to another planet, with the ability to walk around your ship, it'd be a kind of nice break from the game, or seeing as how you can get companions it seems, it'd be a good time to talk to them and get to know them.
I also hope for the ability to customize your ship if you can even get one, which might seem stupid to you, but really, why do you think spacers like Han Solo loved their ships? It was theirs, what they wanted in it, an extension of their selves.
It'd also be cool if they had ships like the Leviathan in the game that could operate as a home to guilds, with their own auctions and such, and it could vary depending on the guilds status, ex: Richer, populated, guilds can buy larger ships, whilst poor, low numbered or starter guilds are given smaller ships that are in worse quality overall.
It'd also be cool if guilds could war against each other, and be able to assault ships, bases, etc until a treaty is declared.

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