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I'll probably be getting one compliments of the United State military service, however I'd probably otherwise not bother only on the basis that I take good care of my health. Vaccines are a tricky part of health care, on one hand it's necessary for a majority of people to get them simply based on the fact that people rarely take good care of themselves when otherwise "healthy"; poor diets, little rest, abusive intake of toxins. As well, especially in the US, we have few preventative measures set up to help cull an infestation. Office buildings have poor circulation systems and with office daycare facilities decidedly understaffed the whole thing can just lead to a big mess. Mostly likely not a pandemic like everyone in the media was quick to jump to early on, but it could easily knock out several corporate stations for a few good months.

So, yeah I'd say 3/5 of all people should get it just because I can't trust them to take proper care of themselves, the others are reasonable enough to rest up and get proper fluids. Not to mention the difference in ability to care for oneself between rich and poor, so vaccinate the poor: mandatory.

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