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"What do you think of both plans?"

Akira looked up from his concentration, as he had been very quiet the whole time.

"Well, I'll tell you the truth, both plans have a great amount of risk, low chances of success, and will require a great amount of luck..."

He thought for a moment, "....but I have to say, they'd have to be none other THAN crazy to be successful. We should employ both plans, using both strategies to our advantage...that's what I say."

"Excuse me. But... why am I here again?"

Akira moved his gaze over to Reina.

"Well, a very honest question....I suppose you're here because you got involved with our action've sort've been 'recruited,' so, if you'd like to help us, that's up to you."

It didn't really answer her question, but he hoped it assured her that she did have options.

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