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People have died from vaccinations. Google it, there are too many sources.

I think the responsible thing of healthy, young to middle-aged adults is to ignore any and all vaccinations. Then again, I only take ibuprofen or acetaminophen when I am doubled over in pain. I only go to the doctor for a cold when I am thinking, "well, this actually might kill me."

Why? Because I am old-fashioned, and because I have serious reservations about modern medicine and chemical dependency, weakened natural immunities due to excessive consumption of antibiotics, and am generally not affluent enough to throw money at an illness when time will take care of it.

For the very young or the very old, I think it is something that deserves consideration. For the chronically ill, I have reservations (as I think that overmedication has contributed to your condition) yet still think it could be a reasonable course of action. For the healthy 37 year olds like me, tough it out.
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