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Betriebe: Neue Deutschland


The year is 1943, and the Third Reich is at the heighth of its power, and most of Europe is entering a Dark Age as the Nazi tyranny tightens its grip.
At this time, there are many dark secrets in the heart of Germany, dark secrets that could change the very face of the Earth.

But one secret has been discovered. A small town in Southern Germany is in fact the site of a massive secret weapons project, operating on an unknown source.

A small resistance force was able to infiltrate the facility and obtain a small sample of a deadly unknown substance. They also discovered information and weaponry that was highly advanced, perhaps 60-70 years ahead of any equipment the allies had. The group paid greatly for this information, managing to get the sample to an SOE agent before being completely annihilated by the SS.

This sample was brought back to England, and was analyzed by the best scientists that could be found in the Allied powers. The final analyzation was kept secret, but a standing order was given that this substance must be identified, its reason discovered, and its source destroyed.

The SOE has created a joint task force of agents from all of the Allied Powers, all of them unified for the single purpose of finding and destroying this substance...

...before it's too late.

January 5, 1943
London, England
64 Baker Street
0900 Hours

Colonel Alfred Ferris gently pushed the curtain of the window to the side, getting a good look at the crowded London street outside.

He was inside a small, abandoned, flat, long abandoned since the Blitz of 1940...the ideal Headquarters for the members of the SOE, or Special Operations Executive, Her Majesty's 'arm of espionage.'

Of course, today would be a special one. For the first time, at least to Ferris' extensive knowledge, they would be pulling in members from Allied powers and other intelligence forces.

That is why Ferris watched the street carefully, waiting for the arrival of the 'volunteers' for this risky operation. Of course, none of them knew this had to do with the SOE, only that they had recieved orders to report to 64 Baker street, and that's all they needed to know.

A voice came out of the darkness of the Flat.

"You know, Ferris, if you keep looking out that same window every 5 minutes, some curious bloke will spot you and wonder what you're doing in such a place..."

The voice was that of 'Mr. Will,' Ferris' contact with the highly secretive SOE.

The British Colonel looked at his friend, who's face was covered by the shadows of the unlit room.

"Hmm, you're always thinking about what could go wrong, aren't you, Will?"

He heard a chuckle, "In my business, Colonel Ferris, you must assume that everything that can go wrong, will go wrong."

Ferris nodded, "Indeed. Still, some amount of risk must be taken to achieve success."

"That's correct, but necessary risk, no need to do anything too risky. Ahhh...well, I'm going to make some tea, our friends are late. Not that I'm surprised."

The Colonel snorted, "Well, half of them are Americans...all ego and no timing."

He heard Mr. Will laugh aloud, something rare, and then left the room.

Ferris turned away, and for the 6th time in the past hour, he nudged the curtain to the side and took another lookout for the 'guests.'

Mittenwald, Southern Germany
Commandant's Post
0900 hours


The loud click of booted feet greeted Waffen SS Sturmbannfuhrer Friedrich Wolff as he stepped out of the staff car.

He looked out at the line of black class SS soldiers right as they were commanded, "EYES RIGHT!" Their heads moving in unison to face their commanding officer.


This is what Wolff loved.

And it was something his job demanded, as commander of Special Operations and Experimentation of this sector.

Another black clad soldier, this time an officer, came forward, snapping his heels together and saluting.

"HERR STURMBANNFUHRER! I trust the morning drive finds you well?"

Wolff nodded, his face remaining rigidly cold as he spoke.

"It went well, Leutnant Dürer. But I noticed that the patrols of the southern town were 5 minutes later then usual. We can't afford to be late, not even by 5 minutes. Give a warning to the squad assigned there. Disciplinary action will be taken if this continues..."

Leutnant Dürer nodded, "Jawohl, I will ensure this won't happen again, Mein Herr."

"Sehr gut."

He looked at the mountains ahead of the town, his mind a million miles away.

The SS Commandant knew that it wouldn't be long until the Allies caught on to what they were doing here. Their Operations were, to go ignored for so long.

Wolff, walked forward to the red brick Officer's building in front of him, a bright red flag with a black swastika hanging from the top window.

He needed to get to work.

Germany's technology would be greatly advanced if the facility under his command did well today...

you very much
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