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"Unfortunately, the unit isn't quite here's good to see the French have a good sense of time, if you do not mind me saying."

Lauren grinned at the Colonel and nodded in appreciation.

"Oh, so, Miss Delacroix has arrived? Oh, good...well, I suppose I should make 3 cups of tea then. What tea do you prefer, Miss Delacroix?"

She turned to face Mr. Will and grinned as well. She was accustomed to this being an infiltration specialist herself, being in the shadows was something common for her aswell.

"I will take lemon tea zank you", Lauren said with a bow.

"Oh, by the way, my colleague here is Mr. Will, I am Colonel Ferris of His Majesty's Royal Commandoes. Pleasure to be of service."

"On ze contrary colonel, ze pleasure is all mine", Lauren said nodding in acknowledgement. She turned to see another person enter the room. An american by the looks of it and by the way he spoke. She nodded in his direction as he presented himself.

"Lauren Delacroix, French resistance", she replied.

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