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Originally Posted by Web Rider View Post
No, because what that will do is make Young Adult A get "The Horrible Disease" and if they live, become immune to it. However, now they can carry it without getting sick. Meaning Person B who has never been exposed to it will get sick, and probably die. Not getting vaccinations leads to epidemics in cultures that have vaccinations. Additionally, you risk spreading not just simple diseases like the flu, but serious, lethal diseases that WILL kill. Not might, not may, but WILL. You risk another pandemic on the scale of the Black Plague if you think everyone should be going "commando" about it.
Uh, the OP was referring to flu shots, WR, not epidemic diseases. I was vaccinated for all the usual "horrible" diseases as a child, just like you. Modern medicine wants to vaccinate us for far more than that, and for what reason? Health of the populace or profit? And, if you had at all read my post without merely quoting it all in lumps, you may have noticed I advocate vaccinating children and the elderly, if that is what their doctor advocates. The only person going commando is you.
Originally Posted by Web Rider View Post
"Old Fashioned" medicine saved your "modern" butt. Sorry to be blunt, but don't act like "modern medicine" is something that has been invented in the last 30 years, and it's the downfall of mankind. Vaccinations have been going on for over a hundred years, if often poorly and fairly slipshod. Yes, ANYTHING in excess is bad, killing 99.9% of germs is bad when you expose children to more bleach than bacteria. But getting vaccinated kills or injues only a very very tiny fraction of people. FAR less than would die without it.
Thank god my modern butt was vaccinated for polio. Thank god my modern butt has not been vaccinated with flu vaccines that have been tested for, hmm, how long, since the latest variety was identified. Clinically, how can anyone feel confident in the testing done on these vaccines, and I wonder (not being a doctor, developer or at all affiliated with the field) who were the poor test subjects... and if they were human at all. Again, harp on the giant diseases all you want, it is clear in my post that those were not what I was referring to. Completely off-topic rubbish.
Originally Posted by Web Rider View Post
Yes, because of course, the deterioration of the brain due to a genetic condition documented to have existed well before "modern medicine" is caused by "over medication". There are lots of people who follow your line of thought, but you don't hear about them because they stay healthy. The fact that they carry a debilitating genetic condition that will cause the body to turn into pudding in the last years of their life is not the result of them popping prozac every day.
God I wish I knew what you are talking about?!? How did Alzheimer's, if that is your reference, get brought into this? I was perhaps not specific enough in what you were referring to in my post for this portion... I was mostly talking about the over-prescription of antibiotics and the resultant resistant strains of bacteria.

I understand your POV, but not your off-topicness or the vitriol within which it was packaged. But thank you for your post.
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