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The OS is more of a hindrance than a help for gamers. It's just a menu so you can get to the game, and do OTHER non-gaming related stuff (typing, web surfing, photoshop, etc). That's why the good consoles have a very transparent OS, if one is visible at all.
Good argument. I concede. Perhaps if there was a streamlined OS specifically made for gaming and only gaming that would inherently utilize your computer's hardware for games far better than normal bloated OSes could? IMO that would be pretty great. It would be cool if you could dual boot it along side your normal OS, and it had one of those "X second" startup times.
Do you think if every new computer came with Ubuntu or OSX and you could only buy Windows on a disc
to install that it would be as popular?
It wouldnt. The fact that it is is simply because of how stuff happened.
Let's not get carried away here. We're talking about games, not the human race. We lived for millions of
years without OSes, and most of our advancements have come in spite of them, not because of them.
An OS is just software to make a computer work. Windows is just a point and click GUI to control an OS
which M$ didn't even invent in the first place.
from here on out, most advancements in anything are going to somehow involve computers. Its just that right now, i would think windows would have a large role in that.

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