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Okay cool (that was easy, j/k)!

Back to discussing the game!

Okay, now obviously I haven't played it yet,
and I won't be able to for awhile (not until I buy
2 gigs of Ram!).

BUT, after viewing several gameplay videos
from the PC version I have some impressions.

I am comparing this to (IMHO) the most
advanced Jedi game out there right now (Jedi Academy on the PC).
I think this is fair even though I KNOW this is not part
of the JK series. I also want to say that it's
ABOUT TIME there was a "Dark Jedi" game, which
seemed the next logical step in the series.
So until we get an official JK4... well, read on.


The Force Mechanics AND the graphics look
to be rather improved over JA. The surfaces glow,
are grittier or shinier than before. Now instead of
tossing people around or gripping them, you can
move them around more fluidly AND you can move world
objects a lot easier.

The camera is zoomed waaay out, and for the saber duels
it suddenly turns to a side view like Soul Calibur (and zooms way out to
keep both combatants in view). It's strange why this happens in
single player, though it would make sense for Multiplayer for people
playing in front of one TV (though again, we don't have
any confirmation that Multiplayer EXISTS AT ALL
in the PC release, and I'm betting it doesn't since it's based on the 360 version

Your HUD has a health meter, force meter, a little mini-map showing where you
are and (I presume) where your next goal is, and enemies (and friendly AI) all have little
health bars over their heads. Every so often little indicators appears showing you stuff you
can manipulate with the Force (or play tips).

However the saber control looks like a major step backward.
It appears to be hack and slash... like Jedi Power Battles.
No dismemberment, and it sometimes takes more than two
hits to kill somebody. A stormtrooper takes two hits and
slooowly slumps over (or you can pound him four or five times
and he goes flying).

Seems we've had the return of the feared "bat-saber."
At least it still makes big glowy slash marks on walls.

Saber duels are pretty slow, blade combat wise (but there
can be lots of jumping around and tossing of objects). Every
so often you get into saber locks which appear to be won
by button mashing (and if you win you can kick them or some
other type of finisher). When they get down to a certain amount
of health there are QTE events where you have to push the right
button to do whatever (like toss the enemy into a wall in dramatic

It's strange that you hold your saber behind you, what's
the point of that? (other than it looks "kewl") It helps if
somebody is trying to shoot you in the back, but otherwise
he just takes hits like an idiot.

You get health back for slashing people (like the "Vampire Sword"
powerup in RUNE, it even has the little colored wisps coming out of the
victim to heal you, although they're green instead of red).
That's handy I guess, and from the standpoint that you're a Dark Jedi,
it kinda makes sense that you'd be encouraged to be a combat monster.
And your force meter recharges VERY quickly (compared to the JK games).

I see you "level up" after killing enough enemies
(and you get more experience for "stylish" combos):
With this stuff you can go to the menu and "purchase" upgrades to your
powers and stuff.

Looks like you can do things like double jump, glide forward, and pause slightly
in mid-jump, or create a shockwave with your saber (stuff we hadn't seen before
in the JK games).

Unlike the JK games though, I don't see ANY gunplay (saber is the only
weapon). It looks like your (single bladed) lightsaber is your only weapon.
It doesn't look like you can lose your saber, but I guess even if you could it
wouldn't be a big deal since you can throw force fireballs, lightning and pick up
a barrel or girder to throw around at any time. I also don't see any vehicle usage.

It'd be nice to know if we can edit this game, though if there's no multiplayer
I imagine the appeal will be short lived, unless people really want to spend
a ton of time creating short little bonus scenarios like the DLC stuff.

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