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Dravin was still caught in a heated battle with one of the Shadow Dwellers. The battle has been going on for so long now that Dravin's ears started to ring from all the clashing of metals. He looked over his nicked and cut pole carefully with his eyes as he tried to catch his breath. The Shadow Dwellers double bladed sword had done a lot of damage, soon he figured the pole would fall apart in his hands. Noticing the Shadow Dweller was no longer in the position he last saw the creature he looked around carefully trying not to show off the sense of panic that was trying to engulf his core. He would stay calm and collective anything else would get him killed.

Then in the background of all his thoughts Dravin heard the tip of the creatures sword graze against the metal of the landing bay. Spinning his pole with his fingers he quickly ducked down while spinning in a half circle launching his pole forward to make contact with the Shadow Dwellers stomach. The creature let out a grunt as the pull barried itself further into his stomach launching him backwards onto his back. As the Shadow Dweller landed on the ground he lost hold of his double bladed sword. One the sword fell and slide to a stop several meters from its master Dravin made a launch for it couple moments before the Shadow Dweller attempted the same thing.

Dravin grabbed it in his hand and held on tightly as he rolled over his head and back to land on his feet doing another low half spin shoving the blade through the throat of the Shadow Dweller. As Dravin stood up he gave another twist of the blade making sure that the blow was fatal. Still small gurgling noises were escaping from the Shadow Dweller as it clinged to the last remnaints of its life.

Dravin let out a soft sigh as he spoke out of breath "Now what on the hutts name are you?"

He could hear commotion in the background and as he turned all he could make out was some kind of big machine standing there near a ship. A ship? Well this may turn out to be an prosperous day after all. Dravin thought to himself slightly excited like a child with a new toy. Carefully he walked closer to the gathered group and noticed one with an activated lightsaber. The sight of the lightsaber made him stop abruptly, Jedi weren't something he was paticularly wanting to become involved in. So Dravin stood where he stopped at a safe distance from everything waiting to see how the events unfolded.

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