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I got the game today.(Thank god for cousins in the States! )

The first thing that everyone should know is that the "minimum" requirements
are complete and utter crap. The game runs fine on my GF 8500 GT.

There are no video settings in the game but there is an unofficial way to change
the game mod to "low detail". Here's how it works:

In the Application Data folder there is a file called "Config.xml". In this file there is a line:

<s id="LowDetail">0</s>

And if it's not there just add it. Now change the 0 to 1 and there you go. The game
loses some of it's looks (not much) and runs MUCH better.

This concerns you only if you don't have a high end computer.

The game was running at 20fps before I changed this setting. Now it runs full speed with
some minor slowdowns when some areas load. But trust me it does not influence the game play.

Other than that there is not much to say. It's no JK game but it's good in it's own way.
I like it a lot more on my PC than I did on the console.

The game crashed once on me. Don't know why. Just went to an area and bam!
I'm at the desktop.

All the costumes are here (I'm just assuming that because I don't know how many
costumes there were in the console versions.)

The DLC levels are not a part of the main story.


I don't think the game can be moded.
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