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"Lauren Delacroix, French resistance"

"Nice to meet you Miss Delacroix," Jackson said doing his best to pronounce her last name.

He walked further into the room in case anyone else showed up. He leaned up against a wall and waited for the others to show up. First a Britsh Commando walked in, followed by an asian man. He couldn't help but chuckle at the mixed group.

"Ming Wang reporting, sir. Sorry I was late. This is my first time in London, and I got lost with all the different street names. So, why are we all here?"

"He's right, exactly why are we all here because from the looks of it you're trying to host a multi racial tea party. Should we be expecting a Russian to show up too sir?"

It was a small attempt to lighten the mood but he figured it might help ease the awkwardness of the situation.
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