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Thanks for that! I wanted to clarify a few things:

(which is too bad, the bare bones dueling from the Wii version
looked pretty pedestrian but it least it was something, oh well).

So no online battles.

Is there a mid-level save feature?

Also, can you post your full system specs? This is what I have,
and I want to know if it would run on this:

AMD Athlon 2400XP+ (2 ghz)
256 mb sdram (yeah, I know I'll probably need more than this!)
ATI All-In-Wonder 9600 video card (128 mb)
Soundblaster Live!
Windows 2000 Professional (SP 4)
(thankfully I have an external 500 gig hdd!)
(I have some programmable gamepads)

As for modding, somebody with the game, please check the install and CD or manual...
Is there an EULA included? Within it should be any details on whether the game
can be modded legally. At least it will be a possibility, though it may never
happen if there's no desire and (more importantly) no tools released. But with
no multiplayer I guess people could design little SP scenarios and new models
and such.

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