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"Ming Wang reporting, sir. Sorry I was late. This is my first time in London, and I got lost with all the different street names. So, why are we all here?"

Ferris nodded to Ming. From what intelligence reports said, he'd do well on the mission. Though his...being Chinese would be difficult to hide in Europe. Hopefully they would mistake him for Japanese.

"He's right, exactly why are we all here because from the looks of it you're trying to host a multi racial tea party. Should we be expecting a Russian to show up too sir?"

Ferris winced at the statement, to say such a thing was slightly rude, but he knew that Jackson had meant it in good humour.

"Erm, well, if the Russians came, I'm not sure how long we'd really last where we're going."

Mr. Will walked in, baring 3 cups of tea, one for Miss Delacroix, one for Ferris, and one for himself. None for the Americans, Mr. Will was a loyalist like that.

Mr. Will spoke, "Well, if this were a multi-racial tea party, then I'd imagined I'd have made everyone tea. Heheh, aw well, at least you're all straight to the point on what this meeting is about."

Ferris sealed the door and window, he couldn't allow any information leaks, not now.

"Well, are all of you keen on the fact that Germany is in complete control of most of Europe, and we have no bloody idea on what he's doing in certain parts of these countries?"

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