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Reynolds looked at the safehouse over his paper, noticing that somebody had recognized him and was waving from the window. Damn, so much for careful observation! He raged within his mind. Well, at least it's the right place, at least one other person went in.

He got up from the bench and left the newspaper, if a bum could use it later, then he'd donate it, wasn't like he'd need it anyway.

Stifling a yawn -was it still morning? - Reynolds trekked towards the house, a cautious hand inside his jacket, ready to draw his automatic if needed. He didn't know why he had such bad vibes from this mission, but he trusted his instincts, they rarely led him astray.

He stood in front of the door and paused before knocking, still a chance to back out... the tiny voice in his head he called reason offered. He ignored the voice and knocked on the door.

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