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"I'm glad you asked. Clearly Captain Evans and I will lead both groups. I will be on Group 1 and he'll lead Group 2. Deck, Tech, and Sullivan will come with me which means Jack, and Larson are with you Captain."

Evans nodded, it appeared that the sergeant did come up with 4 when he added 2 and 2. Great, a noble. That thought however wouldn't leave him. He didn't know when the noble class had appeared, but they hadn't been there on Earth and they'd done just fine without them.

"So, where's group 2 headed, and how many doors will we need to create on our way in?" Evans asked Null after Sullivan worked in his question.

"Well, I'd suggest overwhelming firepower," Evans added, directing the comment towards Sullivan. "Seems to take care of most of the Plague related problems." He cracked a grin to at least give the impression of a joke.

Damn, a bloody noble, a soldier suffering survivor's guilt and me. Evans mentally sighed, doing his best to keep the despair off his face. This is going to be one hell of a long mission, isn't it?

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