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"Well, good to see that you decided to come inside and join us Mr. Reynolds."

Reynolds shrugged, "Nothing better to do."

He walked into the safe house proper and took a quick stock of those present, nobody who looked like a threat, but it was the quiet guy in the corner you worried about, not the local toughs at the bar.

He found a chair nearby and sat down, finally removing the death grip he had on his automatic and relaxed. "So, looking at the mix we're involved in Super-Secret-Spy-Stuff. And since you're English, not American, I can assume that this is being run by the SOE...." He looked at the eclectic mix, "Nobody here jumps out at me as particularly dangerous, which means we're headed straight to Nazi Germany..... They've developed something, something very dangerous and we're tasked to destroy it. Am I right?"

He looked expectantly at the Englishman with the red mustache, still not quite at ease with the group.

"And is that tea I smell?"

((Eh, didn't seem like a huge jump to me logic wise, any complaints about the logic chain CQ?))

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