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((No complaints, it developes character ))

"So, looking at the mix we're involved in Super-Secret-Spy-Stuff. And since you're English, not American, I can assume that this is being run by the SOE...." He looked at the eclectic mix, "Nobody here jumps out at me as particularly dangerous, which means we're headed straight to Nazi Germany..... They've developed something, something very dangerous and we're tasked to destroy it. Am I right?"

Ferris nodded, but Mr. Will, always quick to defend secrets until the proper time, put the tea down and faced Mr. Reynolds.

"Hmpf. Americans. Assuming you know everything with your....logic trains...ohh goodness."

The British Colonel raised his eyebrows.

"Unfortunately, their assumptions often end up being correct."

Ferris walked over to the table, putting his file folders down and began to sort through them.

"And is that tea I smell?"

Mr. Will, still flustered by the American's being correct in his assumption, responded, rather sarcastically.

"No. It's Napoleon Brandy mixed with coffee."

Ferris looked at Mr. Will, "Come, come, let's not get too angry at eachother just yet. We've still got briefing to get through."

He took a map of Southern Germany out of one of the manila folders, spreading it out on the table. He also took a vial of a pinkish-blue liquid and placed it right next to the map.

A beefy-finger pointed to a small town.

"Mittenwald. A small alpine town in Southern Germany. It's location and size would dissallude any aircraft as to what was really going on not far from town."

He gestured to the vial, "A local resistance group and a certain source have confirmed that a small, but heavily protected testing bunker, is not but 3.5 kilometers from Mittenwald. Reports suggest....strange things have been occuring. We've no idea what has been tested, but we think this pink-blue liquid may be key to understanding what is happening."

He grabbed it and held it for all to see.

"Do any of you recognize it?"

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