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Kurgan, could you post links to the exact gameplay vids you're referring to?
also, can you give me a heads up on spoilers? ive stayed away from the tfu forum for that very reason. (except this thread).
Originally Posted by Kurgan
The camera is zoomed waaay out, and for the saber duels
it suddenly turns to a side view like Soul Calibur (and zooms way out to
keep both combatants in view)
sounds ok, but also quite different to JK... i'll have to play it myself to make any judgment.
However the saber control looks like a major step backward.
It appears to be hack and slash... like Jedi Power Battles.
No dismemberment, and it sometimes takes more than two
hits to kill somebody. A stormtrooper takes two hits and
slooowly slumps over (or you can pound him four or five times
and he goes flying).
never played or seen jedi power battles, but this sounds like BF2 saber combat...
It's strange that you hold your saber behind you, what's
the point of that? (other than it looks "kewl") It helps if
somebody is trying to shoot you in the back, but otherwise
he just takes hits like an idiot.
personally, i think its just a marketing gimmick for tfu that they're injecting into the rest of canon for the sake of tfu. more annoying is that the backhand thing is now the Shien saber style, which was one of my favorites before the whole backhand thing came along. now a bunch of people just like it because of the backhand, and not the style itself.

You get health back for slashing people (like the "Vampire Sword"
powerup in RUNE, it even has the little colored wisps coming out of the
victim to heal you, although they're green instead of red).
they should be red...
Looks like you can do things like double jump, glide forward, and pause slightly
in mid-jump, or create a shockwave with your saber (stuff we hadn't seen before
in the JK games). vader and palpatine in BF2?
i think the whole explosive-saber-ground-stab thing was first seen in lego star wars and BF2, then put into other sw stuff, which is funny because when i saw it in lego sw, i thought it wouldnt be seen elsewhere because it seemed a rather strange thing in terms of existing sw canon, and more of a flashy "newer video game move". i wonder what they've canonized on how this thing works...
I also don't see any vehicle usage.
thats somewhat disappointing...
imagine the stuff you could do with the crazy tfu force powers and vehicles! (perhaps itll be in a tfu 2?)

Originally Posted by Zwier Zak
There are no video settings in the game
Originally Posted by Kurgan
(which is too bad, the bare bones dueling from the Wii version
looked pretty pedestrian but it least it was something, oh well).
thats just going to limit the game's life like crazy. and if ther'es no modding... o_O

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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