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"Hmpf. Americans. Assuming you know everything with your....logic trains...ohh goodness."

Great, another limey who's bitter about the Revolution. Reynolds thought to himself, well, better if he's in front of me than behind, less chance of a knife in the back.

"Unfortunately, their assumptions often end up being correct."

Reynolds groaned a little, nothing too loud, only somebody actively searching for something would've heard it. "Great, just great." He muttered.

"No. It's Napoleon Brandy mixed with coffee."

"Then you're having breaks with reality," Reynolds shot back. "Thinking you have enough of a budget for Napoleon brandy." He shook his head a little, playing every inch the disappointed school master.

"Do any of you recognize it?"

Reynolds looked at it hard, didn't look like anything he'd used during his time as an auto mechanic, maybe anti-freeze, but that's it. He shook his head, muttering to himself. "Looks almost like anti-freeze, but doesn't have the right consistency for it."

((lolz, typed Evans a few times instead of Reynolds as I was typing this up, I'm prolly staying up too late then ))

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