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I should go.
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((I think the accent is awesome, but if you'd like to change it, that's up to you ))

"Looks almost like anti-freeze, but doesn't have the right consistency for it."

"Something tells me that thing packs a bigger punch than anti-freeze. My guess is its gotta be some sort of new chemical to either make their bombs bigger or make them hit a lot harder. What do you think Laur?"

"It is nozing I 'ave ever seen before."

Ferris wasn't surprised on their answers. The liquid had already been analyzed several times, the results differing everytime. Maybe it might end up being anti-freeze, judging by how none of them knew what it was.

"Well, no worries, not even our top scientists could fully comprehend what this is....they did put it through numerous tests though. Our scientists were amazed with it, saying that a single drop could keep an armored vehicle running for longer then any fuel could...hard to believe."

He put the vial back down.

"And they said, if placed in an explosive device, is capable of amplifying the explosion by ten-fold...maybe more. But these are just theories, and the true secrets are with the Germans in least that we suspect. There is no telling how far our Axis enemies have advanced if they've really come up with this...chemical."

Ferris grabbed another file from the pile, checking it to make sure it was the right one.

"An infiltration will be considerably risky, and all of your abilities will be greatly needed....and you'll need more then that as well."

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