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help with dialog trees and condition checks


I'm new to using kotor tool and I am only using it because I have come to a dead end in Kotor 2 due to a glitch. The only way I have of making progress in the game is to use Kotor tool to edit a dialog which will then open a door.

On another forum someone else with my problem posted this for their solution: "Found the dialog file for the captain (named "ro_weed.dlg" ..very strange) and I hacked it to remove the condition checks for the dialog trees (the talked to and the c_dline_check) and installed it in my override folder, and it seems to be working."

I have used kotor tool and found the same dialog file but I do not see anything about condition checks or c_dline_check and I have no idea on how to hack this file or what to do. I have tried contacting that person but they have been inactive for years.

If anyone has an idea of what I need to do please help me out. Much appreciated.
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