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Wang listened to Ferris explain what the strange vial was. He knew that the Japanese were bad, but at least they weren't making some superweapon. He couldn't help but feel a bit afraid of what other things Germany could be making with that liquid.

"An infiltration will be considerably risky, and all of your abilities will be greatly needed....and you'll need more then that as well."

"Infiltration? But, if I go, won't that compromise the mission?" Wang asked, after realizing he was the only one who wasn't European. "I could be mistaken for a Japanese, but even then, you can ter- uh, tell the difference between both people after you see enough Chinese and Japanese. I have my doubts Japan is in on this, so this could be difficult."

"So, what did i miss?"

"Oh, just a briefing on how Germany could win the war." Wang said nonchalantly.

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