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"I could be mistaken for a Japanese, but even then, you can ter- uh, tell the difference between both people after you see enough Chinese and Japanese. I have my doubts Japan is in on this, so this could be difficult."

Jackson looked over at Ming Wang and gave him and smiled.

"So we won't give them the chance. Hang on a sec, I know I've got a spare in one of these pockets."

He fiddled around with his pockets until he found what he was looking for; a pair of sunglasses. He twirled them around in his fingers for a few seconds before walking over to Ming.

"You're lucky I keep an extra pair of these, but they should help."

He smiled again and gave him a thumbs up. He turned back over to Colonel Ferris.

"Well we know where we're going now, and what we're going to do but I'm still a bit confused. You know what skills we have to offer but the rest of us don't. I figure I'd say what I do best so everyone knows what I do in combat. I'm Edward Jackson and I'm a Marksman."
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