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"You're lucky I keep an extra pair of these, but they should help."

Mr. Will almost spat out his tea as he chuckled.

"American ingenuity...and simple, quite excellent. But unfortunately we'll need more then sunglasses to get past the SS....we've been working on a cover for Wang. Our operatives in the Pacific have confirmed the trade of information between the Japanese and Germans...a Japanese Embassy will most definately be at Mittenwald's bunker...due the fact that both the Japanese and Nazis are working together to end our 'miserable' existence."

Ferris gestured to the folders, "The SOE will have something ready very quickly...though this may mean you will be seperate from the rest of the squad occasionally, to fulfill your duties as an Ambassador on the staff of Oshima, Japan's diplomat in Berlin....we'll come up with something."

He took a sip from his tea and looked at the map of Mittenwald again.

"Well we know where we're going now, and what we're going to do but I'm still a bit confused. You know what skills we have to offer but the rest of us don't. I figure I'd say what I do best so everyone knows what I do in combat. I'm Edward Jackson and I'm a Marksman."

Ferris nodded, "We're well aware of that,'re unique skills mean you won't be infiltrating like some of the others."

He looked around for any facial responses, "What I mean is...we'll be splitting into 2 groups, one will travel incognito into Mittenwald, and the others paradropped and met by the local resistance. After reaching Mittenwald, you will proceed to a point half a kilometer south out of the outskirts of the town."

"I am an infiltration specialist, but I'm adept in weapons and 'and to 'and combat. I am also fluent in German which is required for my job."

Ferris smiled, "Excellent, Miss Delacroix. That is why you too will be infiltrating via disguise. The others with you will be Wang and Reynolds. We've pre-prepared several covers in case worse comes to worse."

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