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"Well, I'm not quite trained for infiltration, not something that Airborn normally gets, but I'm a good-enough scout and I can jump out of perfectly good aircraft. That's about all you'll need to know, aside from the fact that I can use just about anything you throw my way weapon wise." Reynolds shrugged, it was a side effect of the depression that he could shoot almost anything, the amount of mobster weapons one could find easily was astounding.

Reynolds looked a Wang, the sunglasses helped, but something else.... something that would distract..... "You guys have a hat?" He asked his 'hosts', cause if we give Wang a bowler hat along with the glasses...." Reynolds shrugged. "Well, every little bit helps, and the less they're concentrating on his face the better."

((What is it about the RP's I'm involved with and splitting into 2 groups?))

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