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Here is a list of bugs found by the users on Lucasarts official forums:

- The game crashes to the desktop randomly
- Using the xbox controller makes the frame rate drop down dramatically also on hi end computers
- The sound tends to turn itself of from time to time. A restart of the game fixes the problem
- Sound problems during the cut scenes. The sound slows down and mutes it self from time to time.
- Only the default costumes have "good looking" cloaks. All the other costumes don't seem to use any physics
- Juno costume is missing
- An update to the minimal requirements is in order since the game runs fine on all GF 8XXX graphic cards.
- Starkillers costume on Hoth has some problems with the "ponytail". I have not seen this my self.
- Sometimes the game gives me a blue screen and restarts my computer. But I think this is a hardware
problem because my graphic card is not officially supported.
- Some people get an error during the installation process. "Internal error: An attempt was made to expand
the "group" constant before it was initialized."
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